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There are many paths to Rome.... frevvo suggests the following best practices for managing your tenants, projects, forms and workflows.


Follow the setup steps above for On Premise Test/Staging Server Installations. The only difference is that in your case your "test environment" is simply a dev/test tenant on the same server as your "production environment" and not a separate  serverseparate frevvo server.

Cloud Tenants

Cloud customers have a single tenant. In this scenario, best practices are to create a set of test roles and test users. Your form/workflow designers will use test roles/users during the dev/test phase.


You may edit submissions that were submitted with the old anonymous email step after updating the workflow to use the new email assignment step.

Form/Workflow designer edit ACL

The Access Control feature in allows frevvo allows the designer to assign other users permission to make changes to forms and workflows.


The ability to edit a form/workflow should not be given to other users if the form/workflow is in production. Giving this permission would enable those users to edit your production forms directly thereby subverting the best practices described in this guide.

Multi-Tenant Scenario

Development Tenant