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The frevvo Data API provides a simple protocol for viewing and managing frevvo resources such as forms, projects, styles, schemas, etc. The API extends the Google Data API framework, is HTTP and XML-based and uses the Atom Syndication Format  with a few extensions following Atom's standard extension model. Java and .Net are the language-specific wrappers around the API.

Atom also provides the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP), an HTTP-based application protocol for publishing and editing resources on the web. The APP specification is an emerging standard being developed by the IETF that allows you to send an HTTP GET request to ask for a particular resource such as a form or schema; a representation of that resource is returned in the Atom Syndication format. You can also create, edit and delete resources using standard HTTP POST, PUT and DELETE methods, respectively. Atom provides a protocol in line with the REST approach to web service interfaces.


In v9.1 and later frevvo's "Applications" are known as "Projects." The API objects and methods still use the word Application.


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