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Preconditions add logic to your workflow to conditionally perform or skip steps based on the data entered into prior workflow steps. They are also used to generate/not generate mapped PDFs. The precondition logic is the same used when writing business rules. A step with a precondition will be performed when the precondition evaluates to true and skipped if it evaluates to false.

Add a Precondition

You can add a precondition directly from your workflow diagram.

  1. Click theImage Modifiedicon where you would like to add the precondition.
    Image Modified
  2. Select Add precondition.
    Image Modified
  3. Configure the precondition. 
    1. Provide a Precondition Description, which displays in the workflow diagram. This field is limited to 255 characters, and it is optional. If the description is empty, the Precondition logic is described i.e. "LoanAmount is equal to or more than 50000". 
    2. Add the precondition logic. You must enter a valid precondition in order to click Submit. 
      Image Modified

Your precondition will appear in the workflow diagram as a yellow box with Yes and No arrows to illustrate how the workflow will route based on the precondition results. Click that yellow box to edit it.