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The Form Action Error wizard was previously used to display a different message to the user in the event a Document Action failed. However, the current behavior executes Form Actions before Document Actions, and so there is no scenario in which the Error Action would be triggered to display a message or redirect a user. Please use the Success Action

Document Actions

The document action wizards configure what happens to the entered data when a user submits your form/workflow. You can access the Document Actions tab in the Guided Designer Settings mode.


An email notification is sent to all tenant administrators or the workflow administrator(s) (if configured) when a Form Action post, DOC URI or DOC Action fails and the submission does not reach it's intended destination. When the form/workflow is submitted, the user sees the message "Thank You! Your submission has been received." and then the appropriate admin is notified via email. The email is sent when the following Form/Doc actions are configured in a form/workflow:

This is not applicable to the email doc action since it is asynchronous and the notification would fail if the service were unavailable. Refer to each topic for more information.


Doc action wizards are single select. If you set up one of the wizards then configure an action using a second wizard, the information configured on the first wizard will no longer display. This is as designed.

Let's say you want to send an email after your form/workflow is submitted but you are also using the Filesystem connector to save your submissions to a directory on a local server. You configure the Filesystem connector wizard to do this. Then configure the Email data to a specified address wizard to send the email. If you return to the Filesystem connector wizard, after configuring the email wizard, the information that you entered on the Filesystem connector screens will no longer display. In this situation, you can use the email wizard on the 1069258469 Additional Email Wizard tab to configure your email. Refer to 1069258469#How to setup Multiple Document Actions for an example.