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v11.1 introduces asynchronous post processing, which will improve form and document action performance and pave the way for future enhancements in this area. Previously, the Form Action Success action would be executed if the doc action succeeded and the Error action otherwise. However, with this change the Form Action will now be executed before Document Action(s). This means that a Document Action Failure will not be able to trigger the Form Action Error message to the end user. An admin notification will still be sent in the case of Document Action failure. Form Action Error settings will no longer be executed.


SAML Security Manager

Customers using the SAML security manager may have trouble logging in after the upgrade. This issue appears to be only for some IDPs, and was caused by updates to the OAuth library which change the service provider metadata slightly. If your tenant is impacted, follow these steps to update the service provider metadata:

  1. Generate the Service Provider metadata. Please follow the steps in this documentation.

  2. Add the service provider metadata into your IDP configuration (if required). See this documentation.

  3. Log in as the built-in admin. Edit the tenant, and add the new metadata (without the xml prologue) to the Service Provider Metadata property.

Message Control Alignment

If your forms used the “Center” property on Message Controls, you will find that after the upgrade the new “Label Alignment” property is blank, and your message is no longer centered. To correct this, please select “Center” from the Label Alignment property.

SQL Server Database URL Property