frevvo Latest - This documentation is for frevvo v10.3. v10.3 is a Cloud Only release. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

Printing Workflows

Workflows do not currently support a print feature. You may notice a print icon in the Workflow Designer toolbar. Designers can click the print icon to see a preview of your workflow's PDF Snapshot.

You can print information from your workflow by one of the following methods:

  • Add a Summary step to your workflow

  • Add a Print button


Printing the Summary Step

The summary step supports a print button. To print the summary step, first drag a summary into your workflow from the palette and then setup summary fields to indicate which form fields to display in the printable summary.

Add your own Print Button

It is also possible to add your own print button to any workflow step by adding a Message control with the following html. Note that a custom print button will print the current step and not the entire workflow. Also the current step will print even if the step's print property is unchecked.

<a onclick="_frevvo.api.forms.printer.printFlowStep(this);" href="#" >Print Step</a>

The onclick call to _frevvo.api.printFlowStep(this), has been deprecated. Please replace this as shown in the sample above with the onclick call to _frevvo.api.forms.printer.printFlowStep(this);

You can also add the print icon to this custom print button. Use this html in your Message Control.

<a class="fa fa-print" aria-hidden="true"></a> <a onclick="_frevvo.api.forms.printer.printFlowStep(this);" href="#" >Print Step</a>

The filename of the PDF is specified in Print Name property the Forms editing mode of your workflow, on the left-side properties panel.