frevvo latest - This documentation is for frevvo v11.1. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

Purge Submissions

This feature applies only to On Premise customers.

The server admin has the ability permanently delete soft-deleted submissions using the Purge Submissions page. This feature promotes compliance with security and privacy standards, specifically GDPR, that require support for permanent removal (Right of Erasure). Additionally, it can help customers maintain their frevvo database at a manageable size. 

The Purge Submissions screen allows a user to start Purge Submissions job as well as displays following information about purge submissions job submitted.

  1. Date and time when the job was Started

  2. Date and time when the job completed/failed/stopped or was marked abandoned.

  3. Status of the jobs previously run - completed/failed/stopped/abandoned.

  4. The user id and name of the user who ran the process.

  5. Description of the process

The + icon allows user to initiate a new purge submissions process and refresh icon is to update the table with most recent information. When user click on + icon, it opens the “Start Purging Submissions” screen. Select whether you'd like to delete old submissions or all deleted submissions.

If you select "All deleted submissions", clicking Submit begins the process

Selecting "Old submissions" displays two additional fields. Enter the minimum age of submissions you want to delete. For example, enter 90 to delete all submission older than 90 days. Check I agree to confirm that you want to delete these submissions.

This process purges all submissions older than the Minimum Age, from all forms/workflows in all tenants, whether or not they were deleted in the Submissions page.

The relevant tables with records to be hard deleted for a soft deleted form submission are:

  1. formsubmission

  2. signaturesubmission

  3. documentsubmission

  4. contentdata

  5. controlsubmission

  6. activitysubmission

  7. formsubmission_roleidentifier

  8. secured

  9. securedoperation

  10. securedoperation_roles

  11. securedoperation_users

The relevant tables with records to be hard deleted for soft deleted form submission types are:

  1. formsubmissiontype

  2. controlsubmissiontype

  3. activitysubmissiontype

On successful completion of the Purge Submissions process, you may still need to manually optimize your database tables in order to reclaim space. Please consult your database's documentation for instructions to do so.