Live Forms v8.0 is no longer supported. Please visit Live Forms Latest for our current Cloud Release. Earlier documentation is available too.



Forms submissions can be saved to many places. For instance you can save your submissions in the Live Forms server's built-in submission repository; store them as email attachments in someone's email inbox; store them into a Google Sheets or a Google Drive folder; store them into a document management system or ECM system such as Confluence; store them into a database or other 3rd party system such as a CMS etc. The options are really endless.

The submissions repository UI page allows non-admin users, with the proper permissions, to

  • view submissions activity over a given time period,
  • Search your submissions using form/flow data
  • Create search filters based on a wide variety of criteria.
  • Build logical expressions to quickly locate the submissions that match the specified conditions.
  • Export your submissions to a csv file that can be easily imported into Excel.

Submissions display in the Submission View and the Legacy Submission View. The Legacy Submissions View is provided for access to the Export to Excel feature.

The Export of submissions to Excel feature has been replaced by the Download to CSV. If you have not used the Export to Excel feature in the past, we recommend that you become familiar with the Download to CSV .
You can still use the Export to Excel feature by accessing it from the Submissions Legacy view. However, the Legacy Submissions view and the Export to Excel may be removed in a future release.

Tenant admins can monitor submission activity using the Reports.

The frevvo database is not designed for custom reporting. The submission data is stored in an unsearchable blob format. Although in-house customers may access submissions directly via database SQL queries, this is strongly discouraged. Future versions often have changes to the underlying submission database schema which will break your SQL queries. If you are thinking about using a third party reporting tool to read from the frevvo database, we recommend that you store form/flow submission data in a /wiki/spaces/frevvo80/pages/975572175 using the frevvo Database Connector. Use the reporting tool against the custom database.