frevvo Latest - This documentation is for frevvo v10.3. v10.3 is a Cloud Only release. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

Quick Start Video Guide

Welcome to frevvo! Start here to learn how easy it is to design and start using your first workflow. Follow this series of short videos to quickly learn how to:

  • Create workflows
  • Design forms
  • Add business logic
  • Route workflows dynamically

...and more. 

Watch the Quick Start Videos

You can watch the playlist on YouTube or follow along right here.

1. Create a 3 Step Purchase Order

Click the blue plus (+) icon and select Create a New Workflow. This launches the Workflow Design Wizard, where you can give your workflow a name and description, and then outline the workflow steps and their assignments. frevvo will automatically create your workflow outline, a default form with some commonly used controls, and some business logic to show and hide approval sections on the appropriate steps. Try out this fully functioning workflow right away!

Click Next to view the next video in this six-part series, or watch the entire playlist on YouTube.


In Depth Tutorials

To get the most out of your evaluation, we recommend starting with the following Tutorials:

  1. Forms Tutorial. This provides a quick introduction to using the frevvo Designer to create forms and goes through some of the main features that are used most frequently.
  2. Workflow Tutorial: frevvo offers powerful capabilities for routing forms around for approvals and signatures. This Tutorial gives you a comprehensive overview to learn about how to create approval workflows.
  3. Database Connector Tutorial: With frevvo, you can create dynamic forms that connect to your database, populate controls from the database, update drop down controls dynamically etc. This Tutorial works through several examples demonstrating various features.

Learn More

Want to learn more about frevvo? Visit our website for demos and video tutorials to help you get started.