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Check out a 5-minute Video Tour of the Forms & Workflows Home Page.


  • Add Content: Install a prebuilt template, create a new form, create a new workflow, or upload a form/workflow. New content will be added to the forms/workflows list. 
    • If you attempt to upload a from this page, it will upload successfully and will redirect you to the Dashboards homepage. The reverse is also true; upload a _form or in the "Upload a Dashboard" dialogue, and you will be redirected to the Forms and Workflows home page.
  • Sort the list of forms and workflows. Content will be displayed with the last modified date on top. You can resort them by last modified date or alphabetically.
  • Information about the features on the Forms and Workflows Homepage. This feature is only available for Cloud customers.


When the Refresh process runs, tables that store the state of the process are created in the frevvo database. By default, if a process were to fail or be stopped, starting it again would restart the failed/stopped job from where it failed/stopped.

To restart a Stopped/Failed refresh process, simply start the batch job again with same tenant and it will resume the last stopped job. 

To prevent the last stopped job from restarting, change the status to Abandoned.

Abandoning the Refresh Searchable Fields Process


  1. Click the three-dot action menu beside your form/workflow name. 
  2. Select  Download a zipped version of the form/workflow. A single zip file will be created with the name of your form/workflow, followed by or 
  3. Now, you can maintain the .zip in an archive directory, email it to another user to upload to their project, or send it to frevvo support

Submissions are not included in a form/workflow (nor project) .zip file. For example, when you download a and upload to another project for testing, the uploaded workflow will not contain any submissions. The submissions are retained on the original production workflow. See below (Uploading/Replacing Forms/Workflows) for details on retaining submissions when updating a production workflow. Refer to these Admin Best Practices for Updating a Workflow in Production.

Uploading/Replacing Forms/Workflows