frevvo Latest - This documentation is for frevvo v10.3. v10.3 is a Cloud Only release. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

Default Values


When designing your form, you can set default values for most controls.  When users access your form, they’ll see the defaults you supplied.  

Simply check the T/F control checkbox or in the case of a dropdown control, pick the choice you want as a default. For text controls and other input controls, just type the value in the control. Save (finish) your form with the defaults you want. If during design you decide you don’t want the default, just delete the text (for input controls), or pick the blank option (for dropdown lists).  

To change a default value for a checkbox in the frevvo designer, simply click the selected choice to clear it. Then select the new default option. You cannot un-select radio options by clicking on them. Remove the defaulted option from the options section of the Properties panel and add it again to clear the previous selection.

Keep in mind that any default value you set must conform to the control’s data type requirements.  For example, you cannot set a default of ABC in a quantity control.

The Expense statement form shown has a mileage rate money control where the default value reflects the employee reimbursement amount per mile. A business rule to calculate the money amount due the employee for mileage will use the default value in the IRS Mileage Rate control. The designer can easily change the default value in this control if the rate changes.