Live Forms v8.0 is no longer supported. Please visit Live Forms Latest for our current Cloud Release. Earlier documentation is available too.

Purchasing FAQ

Live Forms Licensing and Pricing

Cloud Hosted Subscriptions

How can I signup for a free evaluation?

You can signup for a 30 day free cloud hosted tenant. See Evaluating Live Forms Online.

How much does a subscription cost?

Cloud hosted tenant subscriptions are priced based on monthly usage. See the monthly subscription price calculator on the pricing page.

What are the billing terms?

Customers are billed $300 upon cloud tenant subscription signup for provisioning. The $300 includes 2 hours of client services that may be used for anything e.g. tenant configuration, training, quick start form or workflow implementation etc. The first month billing cycle is a flat rate of $75. Second and subsequent month billing cycles are calculated based on metered usage of production form submissions. Read the fine print.

What is a submission?

See the answer on frevvo's terminology page.

What is a production form/flow?

See the answer on frevvo's terminology page.

What are the terms of service?

See frevvo's terms of service.

What is the privacy policy?

See frevvo's privacy policy.

On-Premise Software Licenses

How can I signup for a free evaluation?

You can download the Live Forms software and a receive a 30 day free trial license key. See Evaluating Live Forms In-house.

What is the cost of a license?

See the One-Time License section on the pricing page.

How can I request a quote?

Contact one of our account representatives via a simple contact us form or call 203.208.3117.

Where can I find the software license agreement?

See frevvo's software license agreement.

What is a concurrent user?

See the answer on frevvo's terminology page.

How much does it cost to upgrade to a bigger license?

If you want to increase your license to a larger license you will just pay the cost of the new license size minus the cost you paid for your original smaller license. Your support & maintenance will be 20% of the new larger license cost.

Am I entitled to upgrades?

All customers with current support & maintenance contracts are entitled to free upgrades to new releases and patches. If your support & maintenance contract has expired you can become current again by purchasing a new annual contract plus paying for the months you skipped.

What are the Confluence prices?

We sell an add-on to Atlassian's Confluence wiki software on the Atlassian Marketplace. The frevvo Confluence plugin pricing is for Live Forms In-house software that is restricted to use with the frevvo-confluence add-on.

Does the Confluence plugin requires a Live Forms server license?

Yes, and this is included in the price.

Fine Print

Cloud Billing Fine Print

Cloud hosted customers are billed by the 7th of each following month for the usage calculated for the prior month. If metered usage for any given month falls below $50, the tenant will be accessed a flat minimum $50 charge.  Invoices are payable within 15 days of receipt. Cloud tenants will be disabled for non payment after 60 days.