frevvo Latest - This documentation is for frevvo v10.3. v10.3 is a Cloud Only release. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

Configuration Checklist

The admin superuser can display the Configuration Checklist page to determine whether the local frevvo installation or upgrade is configured correctly. Here is what you will see when your in-house frevvo installation is configured correctly.

If any part of the configuration is incomplete, the Configuration Checklist displays a warning icon to the right of the incomplete item and a warning message.

In the example below, the yellow warning symbol on the left indicates that the Email Configuration is not yet complete. Click the button to the right of an item to see more details about resolving the item. 

The Configuration checklist will report that the Insight server is not properly configured if you start it before frevvo.

The PDS Snapshot Generator will show an error if a Chrome browser cannot be located at any of the predefined paths. View PDF Snapshot Generator: Install Chrome/Chromium for details on how to install and configure this correctly.

A restart is required after resolving any configuration issue.