Planning for v11.0

Automatic Upgrade for frevvo Online (Cloud Hosted) Customers

frevvo Online cloud-hosted customers receive a seamless automatic cloud upgrade. If you have any questions, please email

Features Introduced in Prior Releases

There are several important features that were introduced to the frevvo Cloud in prior releases and are now included for On Premise customers in v11.0. Please review the information below and see the detailed release notes for each version in between your current version and v11.0.

New Features 

frevvo v11.0 contains many new features and enhancements. . .  

To see all of the new features for this release visit our Detailed Release Notes page. Here are some highlights to get you started:  

New Integration: DocuPhase Pro Connector

frevvo is now part of the DocuPhase family of products, and with this move, frevvo customers have access to greater resources and technology. Part of that includes DocuPhase Pro – a leading document management system. Our new DocuPhase Pro Connector will allow you to integrate at ease.

Configure the DocuPhase Pro Connector in the Admin: Manage Connectors page, and then connect your forms and workflows in Settings: Document Actions: Send to External System.

Contact us for more information and to schedule a demo.

Reassign to Role Changed to ComboBox

In prior versions, the Reassign to Role option on the task list Modify Task dialog contained a repeating dropdown listing roles in the tenant. However, for customers using a security manager with many roles, the dropdown did not show all roles. To make this more flexible and more consistent with the Reassign the User field, Reassign to Role is now a combobox. You can pick from the first 999 roles using typeahead or pasting the full name of the role in the field. You can select multiple roles, and they will appear as a comma-separated list.

Watch our What's New in v11.0 Webinar for a tour of our favorite new features! (Coming soon)

Retired Features

Documentation Update

frevvo Documentation has moved! You will find v11.0 documentation at this link. If you need prior versions of the documentation, visit the Documentation Directory to find your version's space. Please note that links beginning with "" will work temporarily, and then will redirect to the new documentation site.

If you need any help finding documentation for your questions, please contact

Planning Your On Premise Upgrade

Please follow our Release Announcements to be notified when v11.0 is available for On Premise customers.

On Premise customers should review the topics below, the instructions in the Upgrade Guide and Supported Platforms before migrating. frevvo recommends that you perform a full installation of frevvo v11.0 when upgrading. 

v11.0 License

v10 License Key Required

A v11 license key is required for this version of frevvo if you are upgrading from a prior version. Request a v11 license by completing this form before you begin the upgrade. 

Before you begin the migration process: