frevvo v11.1 is no longer supported. Please visit the Documentation Directory for our current Cloud Release and other versions.

Forms Tutorial

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What are we going to build?

This tutorial will introduce you to creating forms using . We'll go through some of the main features that you'll use most frequently. This is not a detailed user guide but serves as a quick introduction to the Form Designer.

What You will need:

You need either a frevvo Online account -- signup for a free trial if you don't already have an account. Or use a working frevvo In-house software installation. If you are using In-house software you will also need to create a tenant, add a designer user to that tenant and configure email

Example Applications

You can download a frevvo project ( to help with this tutorial. You'll need to first upload the project to your  user account. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your tenant as the designer user.

  2. Click the  Add icon and select Upload Project at the top of the Projects Home Page. 

  3. Browse for the downloaded project zipfile.

  4. Do not check the Replace or Copy checkboxes.

  5. Click the Upload button.

The project is uploaded and immediately appears in your list of projects. 

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