frevvo latest - This documentation is for frevvo v11.1. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

Designing Forms


The frevvo Guided Designer is the heart of the simple, quick, no-coding required form creation process. The frevvo Guided Designer enables you to add controls quickly to your form, customize their appearance and layout, and add rules that affect the behavior of the form.

For insights and research on the principles of good form design, we recommend the Label Placement In Forms and Web Forms Design Eye Tracking Study websites.

If you plan to use the frevvo Database Connector to integrate your form/workflow with your database, start with the Choose a Design Method chapter, and be sure to read the Database Connector Installation instructions and go through the Database Connector Tutorial.

Start by clicking  Add and select Create a New Form.

A unique and arbitrary form name will be generated automatically, i.e. "Form 70". You'll change this name when you begin working on your form. Also, you'll see that your form already has Submit and Cancel buttons, since these are part of every form.

We recommend that tenant admin users not create or edit forms, nor have roles assigned to them. Tenant admin users should restrict themselves to administrative tasks.

You must use a supported browser in Design Mode. If you are using an unsupported browser such as Internet Explorer, you will see the message "Some features may not work well or work at all in your browser. Please consider upgrading to a modern, supported browser.”