frevvo latest - This documentation is for frevvo v11.1. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

Data API Tutorials

You can choose from the tutorials listed below to get started working with the Java Client library. The tutorials provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through different usages of the Data API. If you prefer to see a working example of an application, take a look at the Project Uploader API Example.

In v9.1 and later frevvo's "Applications" are known as "Projects." The API objects and methods still use the word Application.

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Getting Started with the Java Client Library

Follow this tutorial to build a simple application to manage a contacts list. The tutorial shows you how to use the frevvo submissions API to query the submissions repository, to filter submissions, sort, paginate, etc.

Design-time Integration with the Data API

We have pre-created a simple application that shows the different usages of the API using an interactive command-line approach. Think of this application as the command-line version of the web-based frevvo UI, but stripped of all the irrelevant details, libraries, etc., so you can inspect the different API usages as simply as possible using live code with sources included.

Follow this tutorial for a demonstration of the different ways you can interact with frevvo using the Data API. It expands on the previous tutorial by focusing on the design-time aspects of the API such as creating new forms and workflows, downloading projects, and designing and using forms.

JSP Tutorial

Follow this tutorial for a demonstration of the frevvo Data API Java Client library features using a web application and a JSP. The web application is created using JSP (Java Server Pages).

Embedding Forms and Workflows

Follow this tutorial to see how you can embed frevvo forms and workflows in your website or web application. In some cases, you may wish to integrate authentication between your application and frevvo so that your users don't have to sign in twice yet are automatically authenticated to frevvo. You may want your users to be authenticated for access control, digital signatures, participating in workflows, viewing their task lists, or maintaining an audit trail.

Working Examples

Follow the instructions on this page to try out an application using the Java client API to upload frevvo projects to specified users in a tenant.