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 supports four types of templates:

Installable Templates are pre-built workflows and forms, easily added to your tenant. The templates and associated Guided tours are a great way to get started designing forms and flows.

Control and Form/Flow Templates make it easy to reuse existing work you have done in previously created forms/flows and to share that work with other designers.

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Installable Templates

Why reinvent the wheel? includes several pre-built workflow and forms templates. The frevvo website has many examples that showcase  features to solve real business problems.

Whether you are new to or a valued customer, the pre-built templates are designed to let you quickly try out a form or workflow.

Don't have a frevvo tenant yet? No worries - click the Free SignUp button on the login screen to register for a 30 day free trial.

Installable templates and Guided Tours are only available for frevvo Cloud customers at this time. These features may be included in a future on-premise release.

Installing Templates

Templates are available to all designer and tenant admin users. When designer users log into tenant, the Application Home page displays.

Tenant admin users must click the Home link in the top right corner to navigate to the Application Home Page.

  • Hover over any template at the top of the Application Home page and click the green Install button. When you install a workflow template, a short Guided tour automatically launches to show you how to use it.
  • Search our website for a pre-built form/flow and install it into your Cloud tenant with one click. Follow the Guided Tour.

Searching for a Template

Don't see the template you are looking for? Follow these steps to locate a template on the frevvo website and install it in your frevvo Cloud tenant:

  1. Log into your frevvo Cloud tenant as a designer user. This user must have the ability to create forms/flows (frevvo.Designer role). If you just signed up for your free trial tenant, try logging in with designer@<your tenant name>.
  2. Click the More template apps button at the top of the page. You will see an All Templates tab and Category tabs created by the frevvo superuser i.e. HR, Finance, Education.
  3. There are two ways to search for Installable Templates:

    1. When the search screen displays, the All Templates tab is highlighted. Type your search criteria into the search box to search all available Installable Templates.

    2. Click a Category tab of interest and type your search criteria into the search box.

    3. Templates that match the template name, description, category or tags set up by the frevvo superuser display. You will see this message if there are no matches.

  4. Hover over the template of your choice and click Install. The selected template immediately appears in the application list. You will see the Forms/Flow Home page for that template.

Installing a workflow template automatically launches a Guided Tour that will show you how to run the workflow and explain the flow designer screens. Modify the template to meet your business requirements.

Form and Workflow Templates

Users must be logged-in to in an account with frevvo.Designer permission to use templates.

Publishing Form and Workflow Templates

You can make any of your existing forms/flows into a template that you and other designers in your tenant can then use as a starting point when creating a different form. The forms/flows you publish will be available to all users in your tenant with the frevvo.Designer permission.

From the Forms or Flows Home page, click the Publish  icon next to the name of the form/flow you want to publish as a template.

The Publish Template wizard contains the following fields:

  • Template Name – This defaults to the name of your form/flow.  You can keep this name or overlay it with a different one.
  • Tags – Type at least one tag that will help you quickly find your template. Type as many tags as you like; if you type more than one, separate them with a comma or a space.
  • Categories - Check the category you want to assign the form/flow to. If no categories appear in the wizard contact your tenant admin to create Categories. It is the responsibility of the tenant admin to create Categories and Manage Templates. You can assign the template to more than one category.
  • Make Public - Check this box to add your form/flow to a queue of Installable templates that can be made available to designers in all tenants. The frevvo global template administrator must share your Installable template across all tenants in the frevvo Cloud for your template to be available to everyone. 

    The Make Public checkbox is not applicable for in-house versions.

  • Description – Enter a description of your form/flow that will display when Forms By Category or Forms By Tag is selected.

Click Submit to publish your template or click Reset to clear the fields and start over. If you change your mind and don’t want to publish your template, click the X to close the wizard. You can use your published template and it will be available to all other logged-in  designer users in your tenant.

Using Form and Workflow Templates

Click the Templates tab on the Forms Home Page to use a template when creating a new form,  Choose Forms/Flows by Category or Forms/Flows by Tag which display along with Controls by Category and Controls by Tag.

You’ll see the categories or tags you created when you published your template.  Some tags are in larger font; this means you’ve used these tags for more than one template. Click any category or tag to display a list of matching templates.

The Form/Flows by Category and the Form/Flows by Tag display the list of matching templates in a table. The table provides the following information: 

  • The name of the form/flow template and it's form/flow ID i.e.ID: _J1XuIGF9EemFgY-aI39GrA.
  • The description of the form/flow template that was entered when it was published.
    • You can test the template by clicking  (the Try icon)— the template displays as a fully functional form so you can enter and validate data before deciding whether you want to use it. Note the Try count in the Counts column will increase each time the Try icon is clicked.
    • Use the template in a new form/flow by clicking  (the Create icon). Add the template to an application by selecting it from the dropdown. Click Finish and the form/flow template will display on the appropriate designer canvas. By definition since this is a template you will be able to use it in as many forms as you want.  Once you’ve used it to create your form, you can customize your new form without ever affecting the template.
  • The type of template - Form or Flow.
  • The tags associated with the template when it was published.
  • The categories the template was assigned to when it was published.
  • The Install and download counts will increase each time an Installable template (selected by the frevvo global template administrator) is downloaded/installed from the frevvo website. Tthe Try count increases each time the Try icon is clicked.
  • The time/date when the template was published and the user id@<tenant name> who published it.
  • The time/date when the template was published and the user id@<tenant name>  who published it.

Add a Form Template to the New Form Wizard

Notify your tenant admin if you want to add a published form to the New Forms wizard. Once the template is added, designers can select it from the list that displays when you click the New icon to create a new form and the template will be imported into the Forms Designer. You are now ready to modify the template if required. The New Form wizard is only available for Forms.

Control Templates

A control template is a control or a group of controls that a user published in the Form Designer so that it can be reused in other forms and by other designers within the same tenant. You typically want to publish control templates after you spent hours working on a complex form with sophisticated layouts, field patterns, business rules, etc., and want to avoid redoing the work in a different form(s). You also may want to use control templates when you need to split the work among a number of form designers, where each designer is responsible for creating a subsection of a complex form and another designer is responsible for assembling these control templates into a final form or flow.

For more information about control templates, see the Control Templates topic.