This documentation is for Live Forms 9.1. v9.1 is a Cloud Only release. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

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The licensing is based on the number of users who can simultaneously log into the form server. ' user is anyone that is authenticated to  for the purpose of:

  • Designing a form
  • Digitally signing the form ( needs to know who the user is in order to generate a signature)
  • Participating in a workflow ( needs to know who the user is in order to display a task list)
  • Submitting a form that requires authentication to access
  • Access the audit trail (identifying the submitter, for example) and part of the audit trail history
  • Using an external security manager (LDAP/Active Directory, for example) with Single Sign On (SSO)

Consider the types of users in your organization when purchasing a license. Refer to our Pricing page for more information.

 also offers Unlimited user licenses.

On This Page:

Entering your License Key (in-house)

The Server Configuration page displays your current installed license details. You update your license using this page. The form server will immediately update and run with the new license key.

Just a reminder - You must request a v9 license when running v9.0+.

To enter your license key:

  1. Login to the form server as the Admin Superuser
  2. Click the Server Configuration link
  3. Replace the string in the License Key area with your new license key string
  4. Click the Update button

 Online License

The tenant admin for cloud customers can view the details of their current license on the  Online License page. 


Types of Users

The types of users in your organization may affect the License that you purchase. Refer to the definitions below.

Concurrent Users

Concurrent users are  users that are logged in to  simultaneously. Generally, for Intranet forms/workflows you want to calculate how many users will concurrently be accessing the forms, since in most cases, on an Intranet, people want to know who is submitting the form. For Extranet forms, you generally do not have authenticated users. For instance, a 10-concurrent user license means 10 users can be logged in simultaneously to .    

Named Users

Licenses can be purchased for a maximum number of users. This type of license is only available for tenants configured with the Default Security Manager. A Named User license controls the number of users the superuser (in-house) or tenant admin can create across all tenants

The number of Named Users shows in the Server Configuration screens accessible to the in-house superadmin and the tenant admin.

Anonymous Users

These are users that don't need an account in  and also aren't involved in any of the items described above. Anonymous users do NOT count as  users and therefore are not limited by the license. Common examples are filling out a survey or a contact form.