This documentation is for Live Forms 9.1. v9.1 is a Cloud Only release. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

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Manage Submissions

 Online tracks the number of submission entries your tenant users create in the  database. A Production Submission and Total Submission count is reported. 

The Production Submission count increments when: 

  • A user submits a form or completes the final step of a workflow and the form/workflow is deployed to production at the time of submission.
    • "Deployed to production" means the Deploy icon for that form/workflow on the Forms and Workflows Home Page was clicked to deploy the form/workflow to the Production state and remove the Development watermark. If your form server license enables a limited number of Production forms you will get an error message when you hit your license production form limit. Deployed forms and workflows will appear in the list with a flag icon. 

The Total Submission count increments when:

  • A user submits a form. The Deployment State of the form can be "Production" or "Development' at the time of submission.
  • A user clicks he Save button on a form/workflow.
  • A user navigates away from a step in a screenflow that has the Save on Navigate property enabled. This does not apply to the first step in the workflow.
  • A users forwards a workflow step to the next user/role.
  • A user submits the final step of a workflow. The Deployment State of the form can be "Production" or "Development'' at the time of submission.

You can view the number of Production and Total Submissions used each month in your tenant by logging in as the tenant administrator. Click the Manage Submissions link on the main tenant management page to view the list.

Please visit frevvo's terminology page for additional information on Production Submissions and billing.