This documentation is for Live Forms 9.1. v9.1 is a Cloud Only release. Not for you? Earlier documentation is available too.

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Workflow Designer

We recommend that tenant admin users not create or edit workflows, nor have roles assigned to them. These users should restrict themselves to administrative tasks.

Start by clicking  Add Content and select Create a New Workflow on either the Projects Homepage or the Forms and Workflows home page inside a Project. If prompted, select a current Project or Create a New Project for your workflow. The new workflow will automatically open in the Workflow Designer.

A unique workflow name such as "Workflow 31" will be generated automatically. Customize this name in the Workflow Properties panel.

The Workflow Designer has several components. Each is described below.

On This Page:



The palette contains all of the forms in your project's Forms and Workflows home page, a new form, an HTTP and a Summary step. Click on the form you want and drag it into your workflow. See adding steps to your workflow for more information.

Properties Area

The Properties area shows the properties that are available for the entire workflow or those available for workflow steps.

Some properties, such as Task Information and Pending Message  offer the designer the opportunity to define them on the workflow level or customize them for individual steps.

  • Click the Edit Workflow Properties icon on the Toolbar at the top of the workflow work area to access workflow properties for viewing/editing. Refer to Editing Workflow Properties for the details.
  • When you click on a workflow step, a Properties Navigator panel for the workflow step, displays in the lower-left portion of the Workflow Designer. This panel shows information about important properties setup for this workflow step. Not all of the configured properties are shown in this view.
  • Clicking inside a section or clicking on the Edit Step Properties icon in a section of the Properties Navigator immediately displays the property tab for editing.

    Refer to Editing Step Properties for more information.

Workflow Work Area

The right side of the Workflow Designer is the work area for the workflows you create. At the top of this area is the toolbar.


The toolbar at the top of the workflow work area is visible when you are designing your workflows but it is not visible to you when you test your workflows or to your users when they access your workflows. Notice the icons on the toolbar. Hovering over the icons displays a tool tip which describes its function. The toolbar includes the following icons:

  • Edit Workflow Properties opens the Workflow Properties wizard. For more detail, read Editing Workflow Properties.
  • View forms generated by the workflow allows you to view/edit additional PDFs such as the W- 4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate. 
  • Save and test saves the changes and opens a test window for your workflow without leaving the designer.
  • Save and exit saves the changes to your workflow and exits back to the Forms and Workflows Home Page.
  • Print allows you to print the whole workflow as it appears in the workflow designer. Clicking the print icon is helpful when customizing the PDF associated with your form/workflow.
  • Cancel changes discards changes made to your workflow and exits back to the Forms and Workflows Home Page.

The current version of a workflow is shown to the right of the workflow title. When you create your workflow, the version number will be zero. It will increase each time the workflow is saved by clicking on thesave and exit or save and test icons. This feature can help designers ensure they are working with the latest version of the workflow.